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OUR SERVICES Always use extreme caution when doing any maintenance or testing on your door.

Common repairs on garage doors include:

  • Spring Replacement

  • Broken Hinges

  • Cables Breaking and/or Unwinding From the Drums

  • Damaged Door Sections

Common repairs on operators include:

  • Worn Gear

  • Trolley Assembly

  • Loose Wall Button Wires

  • Loose Optic Wires

  • Misaligned Optic Sensors

  • Dead Batteries in Transmitters

  • Wireless Keypad Malfunctions

  • Wall Buttons Locking Out Transmitters


Whether it's a sectional roll-up or a one-piece flip-up door, springs do not last a lifetime—even if companies have told you otherwise. Getting the correct spring size for your door is very important. Garage doors also need to be inspected and tested on a regular basis to ensure safe operations.

Garage doors should be tested for balance and manual operation on a regular basis. This can be done by releasing the door from the automatic operator while the door is in the down position. Never release a door from the operator while the door is in the open position. If a spring or a cable is broken, the door will come down without notice.

A balanced door (sectional roll-up door or one-piece flip-up door) should always stay closed manually and be able to be rolled up manually (some wood sectional custom doors with the correct springs and balance can still be heavy to move), and somewhere in the middle of the movement, the door should balance out, hold steady and remain manually open. If this is not the case, call a professional to inspect, service, and balance the door.

All doors should be lubricated on a regular basis at all hinges, springs, bearings, wheels, and cables.

A door that does not operate manually properly can cause property damage or injury. For automatic operators, all operators must reverse when obstructed by an object no less than 1-1/2" lying flat on the floor. If you encounter any of these issues, please give us a call and we'll be happy to provide you with the appropriate service and advice.

Always refer to your user's manual before servicing or adjusting your door or operator. Most door and operator manufacturers have a service manual that can be downloaded from their websites. Please note: older operators may no longer be in business, and therefore, manuals may not be available.